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Non-Governmental Organization “Ukrainian Association of Insolvency Practitioners” is initiated by the Insolvency Committee of Ukrainian Bar Association, which was supported by principal one-field NGOs: Ukrainian Bankruptcy Institute and National Union of Insolvency Administrators.

A key idea for establishing was to unite under one organization representatives of professions, whose activities are related to the scope of credit relations, debt settlement, insolvency and bankruptcy.

Organization aspires to become a platform for professional communication of researchers and practitioners to be able to produce and promote common position of professionals in this field.

This direction of activity will promote:

• business renewal, economic growth and improving of investment climate in Ukraine;
• improvement of normative regulation activity in the sphere of insolvency;
• harmonization with European Union legislation and its reformation using experience of developed democratic countries.

A special mission of the organization is public regulation of insolvency administrators’ activity that will facilitate quick bankruptcy proceedings, ensure efficiency and transparency of judicial procedures, and enhance authority and respect for insolvency administrators.

This direction of activity will promote:

• professional development, improvement of training system and skills of lawyers, insolvency administrators and other professionals in the field of insolvency and bankruptcy;
• improving of transparency and fairness of insolvency administrators’ profession and standardization of their activities;
• development of legal and other professional services in the field of credit relations, insolvency and bankruptcy in Ukraine.

The Organization has adopted the Rules of professional activity of insolvency administrators. The Rules are based on the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for Insolvency Administrators, authorized by the developer – International Finance Corporation.


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