The meeting with representatives of International Finance Corporation

On June 27, 2013, within the framework of work of the Mission of International Finance Corporation (IFC, World Bank Group) for alternative dispute resolution and insolvency, the members of the Mission met with official authorities of Ukraine and representatives of private sector.

As the professional insolvency practitioners, the representatives of UAIP took part in this meeting: a judge of the Supreme Court of Ukraine Mykola Husak, President of UAIP and a judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine retired Viacheslav Dzhun, Vice-president of UAIP Oleksandr Biriukov, Vice-president of UAIP Vitalii Tytych and Vice-president of UAIP Andrii Potiomkin.

Subject matter of the Mission were the prospects of the development of a system for alternative dispute resolution in Ukraine and the results of reforms introduced in a system for insolvency and bankruptcy restructuring.

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