Roundtable: The World Bank Conceptual Framework for Personal Insolvency

On 24 May, 2013, Ukrainian Association of Insolvency Practitioners with support of Independent Association of the Banks of Ukraine – IABU, organized Roundtable “The World Bank Conceptual Framework for Personal Insolvency”.

The main idea of the event to present the World Bank’s latest comparative research on Natural Persons Insolvency regimes worldwide and the conceptual framework for effective system.

The World Bank representatives: Senior Counsel of Insolvency and Creditor/Debtor Regimes Initiative José M. Garrido, Senior Insolvency Expert Adolfo Rouillon.

The event was initiated by The World Bank’s Consultant and Vice-president of UAIP Alexander Biryukov.

Participants: the Parliament Members, the Government executives, Ministries’ high officials, banks’ representatives, judges, scholars, and insolvency practitioners.

General partners: LCF Law group and Tytych & partners Attorney corporation.



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