The Assembly of NGO “Self-Regulatory Organization of Insolvency Practitioners”

December 18, 2012 The meeting of the Assembly of NGO “Self-Regulatory Organization of Insolvency Practitioners” took place. The main issues of the agenda of the Assembly were electing a president of the Organization and identifying key areas of the Organization in 2013. Viacheslav Dzhun was unanimously elected President, a Doctor of Law, leader of the scientific community in the field of insolvency and bankruptcy. The participants heard and approved the proposal to appoint Vice Presidents of the Organization: Oleksandr Biriukov, Vitalii Tytych, Serhii Donkov and Oleksandr Skliarenko on areas of the Organization for the next year. In accordance with the entry into force of a new Law of Ukraine “On restoring the debtor’s solvency or bankruptcy” on 19 January 2013,  which establishes new criteria for regulation of arbitration managers, members of the Organization, arbitration managers would require appropriate methodological support, as noted Henadii Zabolotnyi, Head of Kirovohrad oblast regional center. Among the proposals of active interaction with the regions, the members of the meeting supported Vasyl Bondarenko, Head of Kharkiv regional center, regarding holding a large-scale seminar in Odessa, a working group to organize the seminar was established. In addition, Iryna Serbin, Head of Kiev regional center, was approved an executive director of the Organization. A logo and external site symbols of the Organization were coordinated and approved.

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